ABN Amro Volunteer Trip - Seeds For Progress
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ABN AMRO Volunteer Trip 6/16

18 Jul ABN Amro Volunteer Trip

This summer Seeds had the pleasure of hosting ABN Amro bank in a week long trip in our school in Modesto Armijo School in San Juan Río Coco.
The volunteers devoted their labor to the school’s infrastructure project, spent quality time in the classrooms, and forged meaningful connections with the community in San Juan Río Coco. The team also had the opportunity to learn about coffee production in visits to La Esperanza coffee farm in San Juan Río Coco and and the San Carlos Mill in Matagalpa.
A huge part of the connected nature of Seeds for Progress’ work involves supportive, close relationships with our corporate donors.  This is why seeds strives to develop meaningful volunteer missions  that give our international partners the opportunity to see the impact their donations are having on the schools, and more importantly, to get to know the vibrant communities our schools serve. We were so thrilled to have them in our communities, and the feeling was mutual.

One volunteer said, “We came with the belief that we will give something to them. I left knowing that it was the other way around. They – the kids and the people- gave so much to me.

We hope to see them in Nicaragua again!

If you are interested in a corporate volunteer mission or would like to learn more about the itineraries involved, contact  info@seedsforprogress.com.