Intern's Coerner - William Slotznick - Seeds For Progress
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An Intern’s Perspective: William Slotznick’s Summer with Seeds for Progress

20 Nov Intern’s Coerner – William Slotznick

This past summer 2015, William Slotznick, a junior majoring in international relations at the University of Pennsylvania, worked with Seeds for Progress to develop a robust evaluation program for teacher performance. This program, among others, ensures the sustainability and efficacy of the organization’s efforts.

He enjoyed working within, “Semillas’ close-knit culture,” explaining that, “the facilitators are a tight group, and they graciously invited me to be a part of that community. It was easy to see their passion for their work and their dedication to the mission of the organization. They worked and traveled for long hours, all for the sake of cultivating and maintaining supportive relationships with all the participants in the Seeds program.”

The Seeds for Progress team supported Will while he developed a customized tool for students to individually assess teacher performance according to the organizations’ own standards of innovative pedagogy, strong teacher-student relations, and incorporation of classroom technology. He returned home to the United States with an amplified and unique internship experience. He gained proficiency in the Spanish language, an understanding of the critical role that monitoring and evaluation plays in an organization’s success, and a continued relationship with Semillas Digitales. He continues to work remotely from the University of Pennsylvania this year.