Building bridges for education - Seeds For Progress
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10 Feb Building bridges for education

The Seeds for Progress Foundation in alliance with INTERSA, IDB and the Ministry of Family, Adolescence and Children (MIFAN) implemented the Educational Bridges initiative for its second consecutive year in the Buenos Aires estate located in Jinotega. This estate which is part of the company Inversiones Internacionales S.A. (INTERSA), welcomes annually about 400 coffee pickers and with them about 60-80 children. This year, the Ministry of Education of Jinotega and the Ministry of Health have joined this initiative, which together carry out the pedagogical follow-up and coordinate health brigades for the children and their families.

This program was designed with the purpose of contributing to the integral upbringing of the children of families that participate in the coffee harvest in this farm and, on the other hand, offer educational and motivational alternatives that promote the well-being of children and adolescents, thus contributing to the prevention and eradication of child labor. Currently, more than 60 children between 0 and 14 years old, children of coffee cutters from different departments of the country, are participating in this initiative.

“I came to work to this farm because last year they took care of my two children and they did not deny me work … in other farms they say” you have work here if you come alone”and if they reject our children it is like they are rejecting us”, said Enrique Moreno, a coffee picker at the farm.

Initiatives such as this one reinforce the need to provide comprehensive care to children during the harvest season that allows them to live and enjoy their childhood in a safe environment. We are happy to have the support of these organizations and institutions in our efforts to improve the wellbeing of children in coffee growing communities.