Building education with construction tools - Seeds For Progress
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10 Feb Building education with construction tools

Access to quality education does not depend only on teachers and teaching supplies, but also on the infrastructure conditions of a school. For children and teachers, having a dignified and clean school allows them to grow and learn in a better way.

From the Seeds for Progress Foundation, through our Digital Seeds program, we develop infrastructure projects such as rehabilitation and construction of classrooms, housing for teachers, sanitary services, water and sanitation works, libraries, among others, responding to the specific needs of each of the 15 schools that we currently assist. One of the people who understands the importance of creating spaces for education is Deglys Rodríguez, Supervisor of Civil Works for the Seeds for Progress Foundation.

Deglys knew from a young age that he wanted to dedicate himself to construction, and after many years of study he achieved his dream of being a civil engineer.

Now, in addition to fulfilling his dream, he can be part of the dreams of children in coffee growing communities: “It is a great experience to be able to support these communities and give better conditions to students who strive every day to be better in order to achieve a better future, “he says.

One of the projects that he most fondly recalls is the  construction of the teachers’ house of San José de la Luz, a work he considers “a great achievement”, considering that “before the teachers had to sleep in the classroom and now they have a more dignified and comfortable place” he says with a shy smile of pride. “This was only possible because of our team work, we work together as a cog,” concludes Deglys.

We are proud to have people like Deglys, who are committed to the education in the coffee growing communities of Nicaragua and who work with passion so that more boys and girls have access to quality education.