Ceremony Recognizes Support from Productors - Seeds For Progress
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evento de productores 2016 - mercon y semillas para el progreso

29 Jul Ceremony Recognizes Support from Productors

The transformative work we do at Seeds for Progress Foundation would not be possible without  the generous support of a vast network of coffee producers in the Mercon Coffee Group. This year, Mercon´s annual awards ceremony recognized 1,900 coffee producers for their quality work at a two-day celebration on July 25 and 26 in San Carlos coffee mill in Matagalpa.

The Foundation took part in this event and share with all the productors assistants the work it does for increasing the quality of education and health in rural communities of the coffee-growing regions of Nicaragua. The way we use the technology in class was specially interesting for the productors, who recognized the importance of the use of this kind of materials to increase the interest of the childs for the studies.

In addition to their efforts to producing coffee that is both high quality and environmentally sustainable, our producers contribute greatly to health and education initiatives of Seeds for Progress. Actually, more than 1,650 productors are committed with the importance of the education and donate regularly to the Productors for the Education Program. We express our deep gratitude for their essential support, and look forward to our continued partnership to improve education.

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