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Corporate Volunteer Trips

20 Jul Corporate Volunteer Trips: A Past and Future Success

Last summer, Seeds for Progress was fortunate to host volunteers from some of our main corporate sponsors, Mercon and Cisa Agro. These corporate volunteers helped with carpentry and general construction management during our initial phase of constructing new classrooms for the Santa Clara school. Now that our Santa Clara project has been completed, increasing the school’s capacity with two new classrooms, it is visible that our volunteers’ efforts have paid off! “Good education requires good infrastructure,” claims Cesar, a computer programmer for the software end of CISA Agro. He was glad he could work with his hands to help create something significant for the Santa Clara community. “This is a real way for me to contribute something meaningful,” he shared. The education quality in that community will continue to increase due to the generosity of Cesar, CISA Agro, and other volunteers.

However, not only did Seeds for Progress benefit, but these organizations increased their global operative awareness, established deeper relationships with their producers, and became lifelong friends with our community! Mercon and Cisa Agro also became stronger and bonded with one another as a team. Cesar enjoyed seeing employees and managers of all different levels come together for a common purpose – to reflect upon their circumstances and their responsibilities to this social cause. He ended his testimonial, “I was happy to witness the ambition among everyone here.

Are you and your organization also interested in learning more about life in Matagalpa, Nicaragua? Would you like to contribute to our cause, promoting quality education with Seeds for Progress? Our coffee-producing communities would also like to welcome you to our home on a Corporate Volunteer Trip. In addition to assisting with us on some of our ongoing projects, you will be able to witness our transformation of education quality firsthand. Potential activities and events to help with include:
– Participating in classroom activities with local children: watching their classes, helping with meals, and playing games
– Extracurricular events, such as festivals and contests
– Construction and maintenance projects, such as building new classrooms, fences, and painting walls
– Meeting with the community for by visiting farms and sharing meals
– Visiting San Carlos Coffee Mill and touring nearby scenic areas of Nicaragua

Seeds for Progress looks forward to hearing from any interested companies! If you or your organization are interested or have questions, email us at