Intern's Corner - Luis Bravo - Seeds For Progress
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04 Aug Intern’s Corner – Luis Bravo

By: Luis Bravo, University of Pennsylvania.

My time at the Seeds for Progress Foundation has been a truly remarkable learning experience, where I learned as much about the world of marketing as I did about myself. Coming into this experience, I was worried my trip would be lonesome not knowing anyone in Nicaragua beforehand. However, I quickly learned that everywhere you go there are always people, even strangers, willing to help you along the way.

Some of my most memorable conversations happened with complete strangers that I only met in a handful of occasions. The taxi driver who spoke passionately about his religion, the NGO leader who discussed youth empowerment in Nicaragua, and the barista who taught me about the different types of coffee are just some example of people who took the time to impart some of their wisdom.  I thank the Seeds for Progress Foundation for this unforgettable summer and hope to continue contributing to its work in the future.