"It´s a very important thing to learn to take care of the environment" - Seeds For Progress
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03 Nov “It´s a very important thing to learn to take care of the environment”

Maybeth is a 4th grader from the Las Marias School in Jinotega. She might only be either years old, but she’s very aware of the importance of protecting the environment and not polluting the planet: “If you do not care for the environment, then the water, all that, what we drink, will pollute”.

Her favorite subject is natural science, because she loves to expand her knowledge on subjects her teacher covers in class, especially about geographical maps, information about the solar system, and nature through the help of XO computers, which she likes to explore in her free time.

Although she’s not sure what she wants to study in the future, she understands the importance of getting good grades and being a good student. At the moment, she knows that whatever she pursues, it’s going to be “something related with the nature, it will make me happy”.