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Judy Gelles Visit / Seeds Hosts International Artist

18 Jul Judy Gelles Visit – Seeds Hosts International Artist

This June, Seeds for Progress hosted the American artist Judy Gelles for a week at the school of Buenos Aires, Jinotega.
Mrs. Gelles’ international art project consists of asking three basic questions to 4th graders: Who do you live with? What do you wish for? What do you worry about?.
She then takes photographs of the student’s backs and surrounds the student with quotes from the interview. At the end of the week, Mrs. Gelles shared with the Buenos Aires students the lives and stories she had learned from other 4th graders with the hope to introduce students to different lifestyles of children their own age.
Aside from Nicaragua, Mrs. Gelles’ project includes students from England, South Africa, South Korea, China, India, St. Lucia, America, and more. We look forward to the project’s completion!

Look here to see more of her work.