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29 Jul Las Marias School: Naza teacher

Nazarena, or Profe Naza, as she is known by her students, is an integral part of the history of Las Marias School in La Arriba Reforma outside of Jinotega.
Before the donation of land and funding that made the founding of the school possible, the nearest school was hours away, and 15 year old Nazarena devoted her time to teach youth of her community in a local wooden shack. She gained a reputation for herself in the community and was asked to serve as one of the first teachers of Las Marias when it started out as a two-classroom school. She remains an inspirational and caring figure to the school, which has grown to serve eleven classrooms.
Naza has worked for a total of 16 years as an educator and proudly says that being a teacher is simply part of who she is. She finds that the most rewarding aspect of her job is getting to help form her students to become educated, driven, and well-rounded human beings.
She warmly credits the Foundation with supporting not only intellectual, but also emotional, development of the students, which she believes to be central to a complete education.