ABOUT US - Seeds For Progress
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The Seeds for Progress Foundation improves access to high-quality education, a basic human right that contributes to social development and sustainable economic growth by creating opportunities to advance the quality of life for students, teachers and their families in the rural communities of Nicaragua’s coffee-growing regions.

Since 2009, alongside the University of Pennsylvania (PennGSE), we developed the Digital Seeds Program. Digital Seeds is a program that is constantly being built and rebuilt, with each school and community adapting it to its particular conditions and circumstances. The Program’s design facilitates pedagogical growth and innovation, the development of critical thinking, and sustainable development.

We promote strategic alliances at the local and international levels among educational stakeholders and with multiple actors along the coffee chain.

The Seeds for Progress Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Nicaragua and in the United States as a 501(c) (3).


To increase the quality of education and health services in rural communities of the coffee-growing regions of Nicaragua and other coffee-producing countries


A world in which people can realize their potential to be self-sufficient and further contribute to the development of their communities and society as a whole.



We currently work in 5 departments of Nicaragua, with 18 schools and over 6,300 students and 260 teachers.

Learn more about our Digital Seed Program.