Seeds for Progress Foundation’s Inaugural Reading Corner in Jinotega - Seeds For Progress
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08 Mar Seeds for Progress Foundation’s Inaugural Reading Corner in Jinotega

Thanks to the educational program, Digital Seeds, put forth by the Seeds for Progress Foundation (SFP) in the coffee growing regions in the north of the country, the students of Las Marias School can now enjoy the first reading corner in their community. The project was done in conjunction with the organization Books for Children, whose primary mission is to promote reading and access to educational texts and books for boys and girls in primary school.

The construction and remodeling of this space began at the end of 2016 and concluded in the beginning of February of this year. The developmental budget of this Project was $27,000, which is part of a larger investment of $1,000,000 destined for the educational programs of the Foundation during 2016.

The objective of this first Reading corner is to prepare a space with educational materials adapted to students in their first years of primary education. These literary and educational materials are adequately suited to the ages of the children, which provides them with greater enjoyment of the material. Moreover, this corner will strengthen the reading and writing abilities of the children of Las Marias.

“We are committed to the education of the surrounding communities, and with this initiative, we are supporting the development of the reading and writing abilities of the children, which is a foundational aspect of learning, and key for the personal and academic development of the student,” explains Rosa Rivas, the Executive Director of the Foundation.

The opening of this space relied on the participation of the Delegated Department of the Ministry of Education (MinEd), teachers, mothers and fathers, students of the school, as well as the collaborators of MERCON Coffee Group and Cisa Agro. Las Marias has an enrollment of 200 students, and has participated in the Foundation’s programs since 2003; always thanks to the support of the community, including families and coffee producers, who have contributed to the success of this school.

The Seeds for Progress foundation is supported primarily by the companies CISA Exportadora (a member of the Mercon Group), CISA Agro, and Café Soluble. Seeds for Progress benefits more than 6,300 boys and girls and 260 teachers in the coffee growing regions in the north of the country. The Foundation’s educational programs are present in rural schools in 15 communities within Matagalpa, Jinotega, Nueva Segovia, and Madriz.

This initiative seeks to integrate technology as an instrument of teaching to facilitate the improvement of scholastic infrastructure and the training of teachers. “Our educational programs are the seed of a new generation of actors of change who will confront  the challenges of the coffee-growing regions and the coffee industry in the future,” explains Rivas.