ALLIANCES - Seeds For Progress
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The University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education (PENNGSE) has been an active partner in the various phases of development of the Digital Seeds Program.

The main areas of the collaboration between the University and the Foundation are summarized as follows:


Phase I: 2009-2014

PENNGSE will be permanently supporting the continuous investigation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and accompaniment of the program:

  • Overall program design.
  • Program pilot in Buenos Aires School.
  • Implementation and expansion (15 schools).
  • Creation and support of monitoring and evaluation system.
  • Diversification of ICT.
  • Evaluation and analysis of results.


Phase II: 2015 and beyond

  • Sustainability strategy for Digital Seeds.

Operation Smile 

Since 1995, we have been supporting the identification, transfer and lodging of patients with cleft lip and palate from coffee-growing communities.

93 cases identified in 62 communities (results from 2016).

Humble Smile Foundation

An educational and dental cleaning campaign was conducted at Modesto Armijo School to foster improved hygiene and oral care.

Dental care for 600 students (results from 2016).


The Scholarship Program was inspired by an initiative to promote secondary education opportunities to students from communities with limited access to continuing education. Students that finished 6th grade of primary school are given the opportunity to go on to secondary school, with an emphasis on obtaining the skills necessary for a technical career.


5 students granted scholarship in 2016. In total 21 students have participated in this program, with the support of Lacewing Foundation, Intersa and Starbucks.

Historias y Noticias