#SheisCoffee: Yahaira Guido - Seeds For Progress
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08 Mar #SheisCoffee: Yahaira Guido

Yaharia is 24 years old, and was born in the city of Jinotega, Nicaragua. When she was six years old, Yahaira moved to Buenos Aires coffee farm with her mother.

While it was a tough adjustment for Yahaira, she has fond memories attending the newly-built Seeds for Progress local school, where she benefitted from free elementary education.

Years passed and she eventually began working at the Buenos Aires school herself, while pursuing her university studies in education.

And while she felt it was a great undertaking and huge responsibility to care for schoolchildren, Yahaira eventually settled in to her role.

“From the beginning, I received the unconditional support of Seeds for Progress, helping me overcome fear through trust and teamwork,” says the young preschool teacher. “I understood that a positive attitude helps you overcome challenges, and will get you to accomplish your dreams.”

Yahaira credits the continuous training of the staff of Buenos Aires school with the key to her growth in her career.

“This experience has been invaluable in my life. It’s allowed me to reflect, share, and learn more about myself. I’ve committed to this transformation and it’s my way of being thankful and giving back to another child what was once given to me.”

Yahaira remains a treasured teacher for the Buenos Aires school and we could not be more grateful to her dedication to our coffee community. Through perseverance and a positive attitude, she has overcome life challenges. Today, she is key in helping cultivate the future of children in coffee-growing communities! She is Strong. She is Resilient. #SheIsCoffee