Teachers from Nueva Segovia now with better conditions - Seeds For Progress
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08 Mar Teachers from Nueva Segovia now with better conditions

February 14th of this year welcomed the opening of the Teacher’s House of San Jose de la Luz, in Nueva Segovia. This construction has been made possible thanks to the combined $50,000 investment of Société Générale (SocGen), Cisa Exportadora/Mercon, and the Seeds for Progress Foundation.

This new Teacher’s House will be home to teachers who during the school week come from their communities to teach the children at San Jose de la Luz. This marks a milestone in the history of this scholarly center as from this moment forward, teachers will have access to adequate lodging after the school day. Up until this point these teachers had to stay at community houses or even in the very same classrooms that they taught in earlier that day.

The alliance between Seeds for Progress and Société Générale has existed for more than ten years, during which it has helped more than 700 boys and girls directly by supporting improvements in infrastructure such as the implementation of technology as an educational tool; a project that has been championed by Digital Seeds.