A Victory for local residents of Santa Clara: School Renovations, Sponsored by Pelican Rouge - Seeds For Progress
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Escuela Santa Clara

04 Dec A Victory for local residents of Santa Clara: School Renovations, Sponsored by Pelican Rouge

The passionate efforts of our sponsors bring to life our visions for better, stronger communities in Nicaragua’s coffee regions. One of these dedicated supporters, Pelican Rouge, has recently funded renovations of a school in one of its main production estates, Santa Clara, near Matagalpa. Completed in October 2015, this school now contains two new classrooms, each with capacity for 60 students. Local residents, who almost exclusively work in Santa Clara, will now send their children to the highly improved facility. Pelican Rouge initiated the project as a part of their new sustainability plan, which includes a more progressive code of conduct, a new sustainability officer, and community improvement projects in Cameroon and Nicaragua. As described by CEO Alain Beyens, “Almost all people of the town of San Ramón work at the Santa Clara plantation to help us create our Single Estate Coffee Blend. To give something back to this passionate community we decided to help them with a new school.”

To kick off the construction of this incredible project, Seeds for Progress held a volunteer activity on September 9 at Santa Clara School with 20 employees from both our Managua and Matagalpa offices. The team worked on initial phases of the construction project. Reflecting on the experience, Nadiezka Calix from Human Resources highlighted the potential for improving the children’s quality of life. “What I liked the most was seeing the smiling faces of the children and residents of the estate. It is important to support this cause because the children in this region have limited resources and have to travel long distances to be able to study.” Yusbelkis Gonzalez, from the administrative branch, especially enjoyed the teamwork and the common desire to help. She stated that, “By improving the school conditions, these children will have better development and their motivation to learn will increase.”

We thank all of the volunteers who participated in this activity, and invite all employees to continue contributing to improve the quality of education in the coffee communities. Likewise, Seeds for Progress is more than pleased to work alongside Pelican Rouge and cannot wait to see the terrific improvements it will make in the future.