Working Together with Starbucks to Improve Education - Seeds For Progress
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Working Together with Starbucks to Improve Education

04 Dec Working Together with Starbucks to Improve Education

Supporting coffee growing farmers and their families through collaborative programs has been a historical part of Starbucks’ relationship with its suppliers, and the past four decades have served to develop this dedication even more. Starbucks has invested a total of $70 million in these farming communities that has gone towards the improvement of the families’ lives.

Inspired by their impactful work, Starbucks will be giving $300,000 to Digital Seeds over the next three years. The resources will be used to improve the education of over 2,700 children who live and go to school in coffee-producing areas of Nicaragua. Through the further development of their innovative pedagogy and technology education, Seeds for Progress will be able to improve these children’s skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, promising a brighter future.

“Starbucks has a long history of supporting pathways to opportunity for young people in the communities we serve,” said Corey duBrowa, Starbucks senior vice president of Global Communications, during a recent visit to Las Colinas School in Yali, Jinotega. “We are proud to support organizations like Seeds for Progress that are finding ways to use technology to catalyze improvements in education for children in coffee growing communities. Starbucks has been sourcing coffee from Nicaragua for more than a decade and we want to continue to support farmers and their families to make sure they can thrive for generations to come.”

Digital Seeds is thrilled that such a partnership can help Starbucks reach its goal of ethically sourcing 99% of its coffee while supporting the organization’s own ambitions.