Sharing our work
Seeds for Progress Foundation shared its Annual Report 2016 with local and international organizations, NGOs, Ministry of Education and friends of the Foundation.
It was wonderful to share our work with a lot of future alliances to improve the quality of education of our rural coffee communities.
More Smiles for the Children of Coffee Communities

Thanks to our alliance with Operation Smile, hundreds of children suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate in the rural coffee communities will have operations to improve their quality of life.

Earth University, of Costa Rica, visits our projects

Students from different countries visited La Nicarao school in Matagalpa. They are studying to obtain master's degrees in Agronomy and Sustainable Development, so they were really interested in our mission.

Jeckson and Jefferson, students

"We love to support 
our school"
Jeckson Isaac (6th Grade) and Jefferson (8th Grade) are two brilliants students from Aguas Amarillas School (Matagalpa). They love all technology, especially computers, so they were really happy when Digital Seeds started in their school: "we discover a lot of new ways to study, it's surprising what you can learn using a computer! At the beginning, my father thought I was playing, but later he realized that I was doing my homework" said Jeckson with a big smile.

Last week these enthusiastic students supported a nearby school called Los Milagros to update the software of more than 50 computers, working together with the 5 teachers of this Primary School. "We loved to participate in this opportunity, because we can share our knowledge and learn more about technology." 

These two little students are an example for this community, showing the importance of working together to improve the education of our communities.

Elizabeth Warner-Rousseau

Boston College

Technology as the Key to the
Future of Education

As the world changes and becomes increasingly driven by technological advances, it is necessary that students and teachers keep up with the new demands. Seeds for Progress, through its Digital Seeds project, provides technology to rural classrooms that are often forgotten by other education initiatives so that every student has the opportunity to learn necessary computer skills. 

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