2016-17 Producers' Event
From July 24th until the 27th,  Seeds for Progress participated in Cisa Exportadora's (Mercon Coffee Group) annual producers' event where over 2,000 Nicaraguan coffee growers gathered to learn more about the services offered by Mercon and obtained prizes for their premium coffee sold.
The Foundation showcased its XO computers and tables as part of the Digital Seeds Initiative as well as the new innovative robotics program. Additionally, we held a fun fundraising event in which the attendees rode a mechanical bull in benefit of the coffee communities.
Seeds Abroad 
Earlier in June, we had the opportunity to participate at the 2017 International Congress on Virtual Education in Colombia, where we were able to learn more about advances in digital education, innovative education practices, and technological resources. That same month, we also participated and formed part of a panel in the International Congress of Education and Learning in Milan, Italy, where Maria Ubeda, our Digital Seeds Coordinator presented "Digital Seeds: Experiences and Challenges" sharing the success of the program and how we have overcome different challenges.
2016 Annual Report Presentation
At the beginning of the month we presented our 2016 results to local and international organizations, the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, and to friends of the Foundation. Thanks to the support of our partners, we were able to have another successful year making a positive impact in the education of the coffee communities of Nicaragua.

Read our Annual Report here.
Cupping Workshop
On June 24th, we hosted our first cupping workshop benefiting the Foundation’s education projects for coffee-growing communities. Mercon's own Q-Grader certified cuppers delivered the workshop with great success.
Thanks to the support of Mercon Coffee Group and Casa del Café we were able to take attendees on a journey across the world to learn more about the properties of this delicious beverage.
Learning about Coffee Cultivation 
Thanks to the support of S&D Coffee, we started our pilot project introducing workshops for high school students on best practices for growing coffee. During these workshops, students and teachers are learning about the cultivation of coffee with a special emphasis on the environment and sustainability.
Teachers Participate in Microsoft Office Workshops
Teachers from 15 schools affiliated with the Digital Seeds program participated in various workshops meant to amplify and reinforce their knowledge on office tools. These workshops will help teachers learn skills that can support their work in classrooms, facilitating pedagogical innovation. The workshops are a complement of the teachers' acquisition of their own personal laptops provided last year with the support of SFP.
Intern's Corner
Luis Bravo 

Candidate for B.A. in Sociology and Political Science 
University of Pennsylvania 

My time at the Seeds for Progress Foundation has been a truly remarkable learning experience, where I learned as much about the world of marketing as I did about myself. Coming into this experience, I was worried my trip would be lonesome not knowing anyone in Nicaragua beforehand. However, I quickly learned that everywhere you go there are always people, even strangers, willing to help you along the way.

Some of my most memorable conversations happened with complete strangers that I only met in a handful of occasions. The taxi driver who spoke passionately about his religion, the NGO leader who discussed youth empowerment in Nicaragua, and the barista who taught me about the different types of coffee are just some example of people who took the time to impart some of their wisdom.  I thank the Seeds for Progress Foundation for this unforgettable summer and hope to continue contributing to its work in the future.
Seeds for Progress Foundation, 2017.