Sharing our work at the Central America Donors Forum
The Seeds for Progress Foundation participated in the Central America Donors Forum in Panama on October 27th, leading a panel on alliances and education. This event is the premier networking and learning space to advance development efforts in Central America.
With the panel From CSR to NGO: Leveraging Partnerships for Community-based Development and Education, we shared the Seeds for Progress Foundation’s experience of Digital Seeds, an innovative education program for Nicaragua’s rural communities made possible with the collaboration of international, national, and local actors, such as the Ministry of Education.
Caffé Nero supports new school infrastructure
Caffé Nero visited Lazaro Talavera school, in La Esmeralda, Jinotega, having supported this year with the construction of a new classroom, that will benefit more than 100 students at this school.
Additionally, more than 600 children from five schools in the coffee communities have access to drinking water and a sanitation system thanks to the support of Mercon Coffee Group and Caffé Nero.

Mercon Coffee Group volunteers at a rural school
On October 19th, members of the international offices of Mercon visited Lazaro Talavera in La Esmeralda, Jinotega, to help with different infrastructure activities and participate in games and classroom activities with students, teachers, and the community.
The school community and the volunteers had a great time!
Jebagro visits our projects
Five volunteers from Jebagro, a division of Jebsen & Jessen, from Panama and Germany, spent two days at the Nicarao School in Las Banquitas Community, Matagalpa. They played with the students and helped with the rehabilitation of the school library by working with the school families.

Teachers and facilitators participate in International Congress

Last month, 16 teachers and Seeds for Progress' facilitators participated in the XIV Latin American Congress on Writing and Reading in Costa Rica.

At this congress, the teachers and facilitators learned new methodologies and innovative best practices to teach students in rural communities. It was a great sharing and learning experience for everyone!
Teachers finish their first computer courses

All of the teachers at our schools have successfully finished their computer courses this past September. During these courses, teachers learned how to use Microsoft office tools for teaching purposes. 
With their new skill set, they are better prepared to organize their class activities with their new laptops and create innovative ways to motivate the students through the use of new technologies.
Global Impact Collaborative is a not-for-profit advisory group at the University of Pennsylvania formed to catalyze the impact of global social ventures.
They established a partnership with Seeds for Progress in 2014 and have since then provided support by offering solutions in areas of monitoring and evaluation, program development, and marketing strategy. GIC believes in the mission-driven work of Digital Seeds in the coffee producing communities in Nicaragua and hopes to deliver research and products that advance their in-field impact.
Thank you Penn students and GIC for your support!
Seeds for Progress Foundation, 2017.