A Successful Fundraising Week in Benefit of
Seeds for Progress Foundation

Macquarie Group, one of the main financial institutions working with Mercon Group, organized a week of activities beginning February 12th to raise funds in benefit of Seeds for Progress Foundation to continue their work to improve education in coffee growing communities.

The events included a ticketed reception at Macquarie offices in New York City, students' sponsorships, and the sale of coffee, donated by Mercon Group. We are pleased to announce that more than US$100,000 were raised and that the amount was matched by Macquarie Group to reach a total of US$ 200,000!

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We Welcome Two New Schools to Our Digital Seeds Program!
Thanks to the support of Digranisa and Rabobank Foundation, Seeds for Progress is expanding to the Nueva Guinea region in Nicaragua with projects in two new schools: Diriangen and Violeta Barrios Schools. The first infrastructure improvements have been made to both schools, including a new water system and new bathrooms.

We are proud to continue our mission and provide quality education to 18 schools in the coffee regions of Nicaragua, and benefiting over 4,000 students!
Better Opportunities with Technology

Access to technology enhances student learning and provides them with better tools. We are happy to share that more than 600 children from Ena Sanchez School in Quilali have now better school conditions thanks to the coffee roasting company F. GaviƱa & Sons. Thanks to their contribution, students have a new ICT classroom which includes computers, a projector and Internet access.  Students and teachers are already enjoying the benefits of technology in the classroom. 
Working with the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED)

Seeds for Progress started the new school year, which began in February, with an important meeting with MINED to share our annual work plans. It was also an opportunity to share with national and local staff our 2017 results and commitment through our educational programs for 2018.

These strategic alliances strengthen our work and further our impact in schools in the coffee communities. 
BBH Volunteers visit Nicaragua
This month, four volunteers from Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) visited Las Marias School in Jinotega.  They participated in classroom activities and games with students, visited farms and local families, learning more about life in the coffee communities. The volunteers and the school community had a great time! 

Passion for Education in small Nicaraguan
Coffee Communities

The new school year in Nicaragua began on February 5th. This marks the beginning of a year full of lessons and knowledge.

Just like every year, the facilitators who work with the Seeds for Progress Foundation are prepared to be part of the personal and professional growth of teachers by helping them improve educational practices at the schools that are part of the Digital Seeds program. Each facilitator gives support to at least 2 schools every year and has an important impact in the students who attend these schools.

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Seeds for Progress Foundation, 2018.